Agreement Codycross

Fanatee may modify, delete and/or complete these Terms of Use (“Changes”) at any time. The changes take effect: (i) thirty (30) days after Fanatee announces the changes (including via the platform user interface); or (ii) if you opt for the changes or a version of these Terms of Use containing the changes, or if you expressly accept in another way, depending on what happens in the first place. In accordance with these terms of use, you accept the electronic receipt of messages from Fanatee. These terms of use are governed by florida state laws and are interpreted in accordance with them without the principles of legal conflict coming into force. You agree that any legal or equity action resulting from these Terms of Use or Platforms that are not subject to Section 14 arbitration proceedings will only be brought before the courts of the State or federal courts in Florida (or a small claims court jurisdiction for the jurisdiction over the jurisdiction) and you accept and submit to the personal jurisdiction of that jurisdiction for the purposes of the appeal. A party`s failure to require the enforcement of a provision of these Terms of Use does not affect that party`s right to enforce them at a later date. Any waiver of a violation of these Terms of Use should not be construed as a persistent waiver of other breaches of the same terms of use or other provisions of these Terms of Use. If a provision of these Terms of Use is unlawful, non-feasible or unenforceable for any reason, that provision is deemed to be dissociable from these Terms of Use and does not affect the validity and applicability of the other Provisions. These terms of use and all rights and licenses granted in this case cannot be transferred or awarded by you, but can be awarded by Fanatee without restriction. This is the whole agreement between us regarding the purpose of this matter and should not be changed, except in a written Or signed by both parties by an amendment to these terms of use made by Fanatee, as stated here.

As we constantly try to improve our services, these conditions of use may change from time to time. In the event of a significant change to this document, Fanatee will communicate in advance all users on our website and gaming applications and indicate when these changes take effect.

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