Agreement With Minors

Judicial authorization of contracts by baby animators is also allowed in New York. See NY CLS Art & Cult. Affr. § 35.03 (2005). This authorization only applies to performing artists such as actors, musicians, dancers and professional sportsmen. The law attempts to give some degree of security to parties who enter into contracts with infants in the entertainment industry, so the validity of such contracts is less likely to be subject to litigation. In Victoria, where real estate is registered in the name of a minor, a court order must be obtained before the property can be sold. It can also be difficult to find a buyer willing to enter into a contract with a child, as such a buyer takes the risk that the child will not make the transaction. In Victoria, contracts with minors not falling within one of the above exceptions are countervailable.

However, where a minor permanently acquires land or involves ongoing obligations, a contract is binding, unless it is avoided by the minor. . . .

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