Common Application Early Decision Agreement

Senioritis: Candidates who learn early that they have been admitted to university may feel that, once their goal is achieved, they have no reason to work hard for the rest of the year. Students who apply early should be aware that colleges can get ahead of admission offers if their graduation grades drop. Higher admission rates for ED applicants may be correlated with stronger profiles among ED applicants. Students should ask the admissions body if their institution`s admission standards differ from a regular applicant and assess the advisability of an early application, taking into account their own profile. If accepted as part of one of our early decision plans, students will be required to withdraw all other applications to the university and not submit any more. A deposit is required within two weeks of acceptance. Please note that most students who are not admitted under Early Decision are denied admission, allowing them to pursue other colleges. A small percentage of students are offered admission in January or are deferred to the regular decision so that they can be considered as part of our largest number of applicants. In both cases, these students are exempt from the liabilities of the early decision. Print the Early Decision and Early Action Calendar and share it with students and parents to make sure they know all the steps needed for an early application. In case of admission, you must withdraw all other applications and accept our offer of admission. Only students who invoke financial reasons for non-application after consultation with the Office of Financial Aid are exempt from the early decision agreement. Applicants submitting the joint application should complete the JiA.

Coalition and questBridge candidates will find the advance decision agreement on their applying status page after submitting their application. Therefore, the advance decision agreement can be submitted as soon as it has access to the applicant`s status page. A one-on-one interview with a member of our admissions team is a great way to demonstrate your interest in Lewis & Clark and exchange information about your previous academic experiences and future goals, which will give depth to your application. Schedule your online virtual interview today! Time constraints for other applications: Most colleges do not notify ED and EA applicants of admission until December 15. Due to the usual application deadlines, if a student is rejected by ED University, there are only two weeks left to submit further applications. Encourage those of your students who are applying at an early stage to prepare further applications while waiting for admission decisions from their first-choice college. Decision-making pressure: The obligation to go to university puts students under pressure to make serious decisions before exploring all their options. 1. If you are certified under the Early Decision Program, you are required to accept Columbia`s offer of authorization. You cannot submit further applications to the university and you must withdraw all other applications already submitted. In your textbook and during university planning sessions, your policy for early-stage applications is to send the student`s graduation certificate to a single college: everything else is unethical. Encourage students who wish to apply at an early stage to complete the NACAC questionnaire on self-assessment of previous decisions made as part of the “early stage decision and early action”..

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