Employment Agreements In Arizona

Many later discovered, without knowing it, that they untnowingly committed themselves to promises that were not intentional and are not in the best interest of the company. That`s why it`s a good idea to hire an labor attorney to check employment contracts, especially after a lively legislative meeting in state capitals. If you have valuable proprietary information that you want to protect, it`s good not only to consult a lawyer who can help you establish a confidentiality agreement for potential employees, suppliers, etc., but also to meet with a Gilbert labor advisor with experience in business and intangible property law who can help you develop a strategy to keep your business information important in all security. The duty of good faith and fair trade is included in all employment contracts in Arizona, including the implied employment relationship at will (Wagenseller v. Scottsdale Mem`l Hosp., 147 Ariz. 370, 383, 710 P.2d 1025, 1038 (Ariz 1985)). However, the duty of good faith and fair trade “does not create an obligation for the employer to dismiss the employee for any single important reason,” nor to “protect the worker from dismissal without just cause” (Consumers Int`l, Inc. v. Sysco Corp., 951 pp.2d 897, 902 (Ariz. Ct. App. 1997) (cited in Wagenseller, 710 p.2d at 1038)).

It is forbidden for an employer to lick an employee for the wrong reason. In addition, the use of information that someone knows or should know has been acquired illegally constitutes misappropriation. .

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