Examples Of Arbitration Agreements

An arts producer entered into an agreement with an insurance company to finance arbitration proceedings. The Financing Agreement contains a WIPO Expedited Arbitration Clause. The manufacturer conducted arbitration proceedings against an Asian company in Singapore. The manufacturer asserted the costs of the Singapore arbitration under its financing agreement. Faced with the finance company`s obvious refusal to make such a payment, the manufacturer submitted a WIPO expedited arbitration procedure, stating that due to the time limit set by the Singapore Arbitral Tribunal, it required that a final award be rendered within six weeks of the commencement of wipo`s expedited arbitration. After consultation with the parties, the WIPO Center appointed a sole arbitrator. Following a one-day hearing in Frankfurt, Germany, the sole arbitrator rendered an arbitral award within five weeks. Below are examples of paragraphs that can be added to each business contract. This clause requires that all differences of opinion between the parties regarding contact be resolved by binding arbitration (instead of litigation) with Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. The purpose of this agreement is to settle the arbitration procedure for disputes related to the following agreements: several years after the signing of the agreement, the biotechnology company resessed the contract with the intention of the pharmaceutical company to deliberately delay the development of the biotechnological active substance.

The biotech company filed a request for arbitration seeking substantial damages. A television distribution company requested arbitration in a dispute between an international sports federation on the basis of the WIPO Arbitration Rules under a retransmission rights distribution agreement. The agreement covered the exclusive broadcasting of sports competitions to viewers in Asia and the Pacific. The dispute settlement clause provided that the dispute would be decided by a single arbitrator, which is the place of arbitration in Geneva, Switzerland, and that the law applicable to the dispute is under Swiss law. The distributor claimed damages for infringement. II. Who is recommended in the event that the legal relationship for which it is concluded is not contractual: do you have to sign an arbitration agreement? If you voluntarily participate in a possible future arbitration proceeding, define together the basic rules of arbitration, and agree to choose an impartial arbitrator together, you will likely find that arbitration is not only inexpensive and expeditty, but also fair. On the other hand, if you feel pressured to sign an arbitration agreement, consult a lawyer and discuss your options and possible scenarios for the future.

Both parties will share all costs and costs of arbitration fairly, unless both parties have signed a written agreement stating otherwise. Breach or non-compliance with any particular section of this Arbitration Agreement shall not constitute a waiver or waiver of additional articles of this Agreement. The seller supplied the equipment used by the buyer despite alleged performance defects. Several years after the delivery of the system, the buyer filed a request for arbitration which, inter alia, filed claims for infringement and damages. The parties decided to appoint an individual arbitrator from among several candidates proposed by the WIPO Center: a lawyer with considerable experience in telecommunications infrastructure disputes. The individual arbitrator reviewed important written evidence, held a three-day hearing in California for cross-examination of witnesses, and issued a final arbitration award rejecting the claims. A French pharmaceutical research and development company has licensed patented know-how and medicines to another French company. The license agreement contains an arbitration clause stipulating that any dispute shall be settled by an arbitral tribunal composed of three members in accordance with French law, in accordance with the WIPO Arbitration Rules. . .


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