Family Cabin Use Agreements

Guests in the cabin: Can family members bring guests during their exclusive weeks? What about the weeks that are shared? Discuss whether guests can be alone in the cabin or whether family members should always be present. Finally, can family members rent the vacation home during their exclusive weeks, or will the family agree to rent certain weeks to generate income to cover the costs? There are a number of topics that should deal with an agreement between co-owners. The first set of reflections is how decisions are made. A cabin may need to be completed or refurbished, and it is certain that it needs to be repaired and maintained. Does everyone get the same voice in these decisions? Do their spouses get a vote from siblings who own property together? Some cabin owners also report that money from their estate is used for cabin purposes to relieve their children. Not only can this make things easier for children, but owners also have some certainty that their cabin will be maintained at least for a while after their death. Cost sharing: How do you allocate maintenance costs? No problem if each member of the family has the means and is willing to participate in equal shares to cover the costs. But this is rarely the case. You can link financial contributions to how often each family member uses the cabin or accept that some may do more work in the cabin instead of financial contributions. Sometimes parents buy an insurance policy to fund the costs once they`re gone. Either way, it`s a good idea, if possible, to create a “reserve fund” to which everyone contributes each year to fund major repairs when they become necessary.

Now that we`re in physical distancing for a few months, does anyone already have cabin fever? My daughter reminded me of Muppets` song about cabin fever (watch it on YouTube) and she said she`s officially going crazy — like the Muppets in the song. With this proclamation, we decided as a family that if we had cabin fever and lost our marbles, we would prefer to do it in our cottage – our holiday home. • Protocol for maintaining family communication regarding the cabin Most people who need an agreement for a shared holiday property need help to make a deal. With the wide variety of topics and challenges of making decisions as a group, working with a lawyer is usually more effective than trying to reach an agreement alone. The collaboration with a lawyer experienced in the preparation of condominium and cabin cottage contracts ensures that plans will be developed to meet the legal needs and objectives of the individual situation of the owners. A lawyer can make recommendations for the treatment of co-owners, so that the agreement can be adapted to the specific needs of the owners. A lawyer can also facilitate a discussion between co-owners or between generations and lead the discussion through the multitude of issues that will cover the agreement.. .


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