Framework Agreement Psd2

Plans to make the fees levied on payment by those who facilitate such transactions more transparent have also been outlined by the European Commission in its PSD2 project. Separate provisions have been drawn up for payments made under framework contracts providing for a number of payment transactions and those which are not. In its psD2 version, the Commission stated that PSPs should be able to charge termination fees to payment service users who leave the first year`s framework contracts. In general, it supported the Commission`s plans to increase the transparency of payment service tariffs. MEPs supported plans that would allow payment service users to withdraw from framework contracts with providers without termination remuneration and clarified that payers should not be held liable for third-party costs imposed by payment service providers `unless their full amount was disclosed before the payment transaction was triggered`. Prior to any transaction under a framework contract, payment service providers must provide customers with “explicit information on the maximum execution time and fees to be paid by the payer, as well as, where appropriate, a breakdown of the amount of any fees”, according to the proposals. A cost report should also be made available to payers after funds have been withdrawn from their accounts, and payment service providers of beneficiaries should also indicate the costs and interest incurred by beneficiaries after each payment transaction under a framework contract. If you give us a payment order from your account, you must provide us with the details of the payment payee (i.e. their account number and bank code as well as all relevant identification data for the payment service provider (“PSP”) with which they maintain their account. Depending on how you place your order with us (for example.B. online, in our offices, by phone, etc.), we may also require you to verify this order by signature, by using a password or by using a PIN, depending on the type of account you have.

All this information is called “unique identifier” that you must give us. By giving us this unique identifier, you agree to the execution of this order for you. You cannot revoke this consent after you have given it to us. However, if the order consists of debiting a direct debit from your account, you may revoke that order and your consent by notifying the recipient of that direct debit until the transaction closes on the business day before the money is withbited from your account. . . .

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