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  • RAVTD3000HP.B


    Bluetooth transmission between measuring heads and control unit

    Can be used on any 4-post or scissors lift

    Automatic lift level compensation

    Guided adjustments with no need to see the monitor

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  • RAVTD2200WS


    Infra-red transmission among measuring heads.
    Bluetooth transmission between front measuring heads and control unit. Data Bluetooth transmission allows maximum mobility between different working positions, also when using electronic turning plates, thanks to the absence of cables and any fixed structure.

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  • RAV 8-Liner


    The RAV 8-LINER Bluetooth alignment system provides an ultra-fast and accurate alignment. Our 8CCD Bluetooth wireless sensor heads are accurate and reliable and each head is a fully functional remote control. By establishing a measuring path for all four sides of the vehicle this system is capable of additional collision measurements and calibration tracking.

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