Sap Sales Rebate Agreements

To view the updated discount provisions in the discount agreement, select the agreement term set and select the “Payment Data” icon. For remittance conditions, we assign both “demarcation keys” and “account keys”. The year allocation key (URE) allows the system to reserve the reduction provisions for each applicable invoice on the corresponding G/L accounts. You can pay, for each discount agreement, whether it should be renewed automatically or not. Select Extras -> -> re-enable or delete in The Change Discount mode. Notes: Written by DGirl on Jan 5 at 11:44 AM Mark this answer as helpfulMark helpful Thank you Warren &Vishal. Another question, what is the difference between the amount and the provision in condition statements? Thank you. Path: SPRO—>-distribution and distribution—> invoicing processing—> technical conditions for the processing of discounts. Note: If we store the discount agreement, the system generates a no. for this Agreement. We will maintain a “no” for this. Space for the discount agreement.

Go ahead; In a standard system, four types of discounts are available. You are: A discount agreement defines the details of the discount. For example, the agreement states that to configure the discount, we activate the discount in the following 3 zones. With the SAP discount settlement feature of the SAP discount contract, you can make a payment. The result of the statement is a credit application. If you delete a billing block, you can convert it to a credit. Before using discount agreements, it is necessary to prepare a multi-customizing SAP system. Here are these conditions: Note: if it is a discount to customers, proof of condition for the payer is kept. The process of setting up discounts in SAP SD consists of ten steps: I have set up the packaging tables for the RAs so that you accept the sales area, the Ship-to and the EAN (MARA-EAN11) as a combination. With the materials search board, it performs an assignment/replacement when I create a sales order that works like a charm to represent the access sequences and conditions I created.

Hello experts, 1. I am doing a discount contract for a customer using BO03. After the delivery and invoicing of the customer`s order, I make the final statement (credit application and credit)2. I create another discount contract for the same client with BO03 and no client order has yet been created, but if I click on the sales volume for the discount contract, the calculation of the discounts for the client order will be displayed in step 1 and I can invoice for the past client order that has already been invoiced. Can anyone shed some light on why the new discount agreement uses the old customer order data for the convention? Thank you! As part of the discount agreement, several sets of conditions are created for each material or group of materials purchased by a customer….

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