Seer Medicare Data Use Agreement

The Data Use Agreement (DUA) stipulates that the retention period is 5 years. If additional time is required to complete the approved project, investigators may request an extension of the DUA. However, DUAs created before December 2020 will not be renewed. Investigators must file a new application for review and approval. In the absence of an authorized extension, all previously released SEER-Medicare data will have to be destroyed. Researchers who wish to use SEER-Medicare data may be concerned about compliance with the Health and Accounting Obligations Act. SEER-Medicare data contains information about geographic location at the county level as well as data related to health care receipt. Based on these variables, SEER-Medicare data is considered by HIPAA requirements to be a limited set of data requiring investigators to sign a data use agreement before receiving the data. This derogation allows THE DISCLOSURE OF SEER Medicare data without individual authorisation (see Federal Register, 14 August 2002, p. 53235). However, because SEER-Medicare data is a limited set of data, investigators with the data may not be able to share these files with other investigators. Investigators contacted by colleagues who wish to use their data should ask their colleagues to contact SEER-Medicare.

Related seer-Medicare files are vast and complex. Before starting an analysis, it is recommended that researchers read all of the literature to determine if the data support their proposed research question. In addition, SEER-Medicare data exhibit a number of specific qualities and abnormalities (see Analytical Support for Researchers). Researchers are strongly advised to understand the complexity of the data before conducting analyses or publishing results. Researchers who wish to use SEER Medicare data must receive a determination from the IRB before the SEER-Medicare data is shared with them. There is no need for a full review of the BRI. Many IRBs, including the NIH Office of Human Subjects Research, have found that SEER-Medicare data is excluded (CFR 46.104(4)). Data owners (PIs seer Registry and CMS) accuse NCI of tracking the usage and location of all shared SEER Medicare data….

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