Service Level Agreement Zoom

If you have any questions about your service level agreement and API limits, please email 4.1. Notwithstanding otherwise provided in this SLA, the total amount credited to the Customer in any given month under this SLA shall not exceed the total hosting fee paid by the Customer for the relevant service for that month. All IT-related maintenance and service failures are published in the ITS Maintenance Schedule Change Plan. This change plan currently serves as the formal change plan for STIs. Planned maintenance work is not taken into account in the calculation of availability measures. The Document Owner is responsible for allowing periodic checks of this document. The content of this document may be amended if necessary, provided that the main actors are mutually agreed and communicated to all parties concerned. The document holder will include all subsequent revisions and, if necessary, request reciprocal agreements/authorizations. Next Review Date: July 2021 Campus units are responsible for monitoring the change schedule in order to inform ITS of upcoming local events with ITS dependencies. In most cases, the ITS Communications Coordinator is responsible for communicating service changes to the ITS department, service groups and campus if necessary. For all activities that have been found to have a campus-wide impact on the charging of goods and services that are not available elsewhere in competition, a complete set of charging prices containing all applicable models must be submitted to the Direct Costs Committee.

The initial reaction time to incidents and service requests is published here: As with other online tools, the use of Zoom generates data that allows conclusions to be drawn about people and their properties. This data is treated confidentially and is not passed on or sold by the Climate Alliance or zoom to third parties, insofar as their data protection policy ( 3.12. Failures elsewhere on the Internet that impede access to your account or services. I/A-Zoom is not responsible for browser or DNA caching, which may not be accessible to your site if others can access it. I/O zoom only guarantees that areas controlled by I/O zoom or maintenance programs can be updated to individual requirements and additional services by an extended service contract or service level agreement (SLA) (e.g.B. full 24/7 service, guaranteed response and resolution times, etc.) . . . .

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