Where To Find Gap Agreement Number

You can cancel your CAP within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Unless an application has been made or state law is not otherwise. For more than 30 days of cancellation or state specifications, please ask your dealer or refer to your agreement when purchasing. You cannot file your CAP after the cancellation. If you have an incident where your car is declared total and you are even more liable for your financing or lease, GAP may reduce or even eliminate your balance.2 Honda Care GAP is available for retail-financed vehicles. If you are renting your Honda, please read your rental contract for the specific gap coverage that will be made available on Honda Leadership Leases. 2 Type and availability of the CAP vary from country to country. In some countries, the CAP may not be available for financing and leasing contracts. Please discuss with your dealer and refer to your agreement at the time of purchase.

1But all payments due, taxes, auto insurance, which can be deductible of more than $1,000, and overdue costs. For more information, please see the agreement, certificate or waiver. Some restrictions may apply. Several documents are needed to calculate the abandonment of the CAP. Since the CAP plan was signed at the time of the sale of the vehicle, it amends your financing contract and is part of the agreement. In calculating the CAP plan, it is often considered that all payments were made as originally planned and that they were scheduled. The CAP generally waives or pays the loss balance (deducted from certain fees and fees) between the amount owed on your financing or lease contract and your car insurance at the time of the total loss. Available in most countries if the CAP is acquired and disclosed separately in the leasing agreement.

For more information, please see the agreement, certificate or waiver. Limit values apply. Please note your GAP agreement for details when you purchase. This is the retail sale contract or a lease agreement between you and your dealer, where you agree to pay for the vehicle. The amount due at the time of the total loss must not include unpaid payments, payment extensions, deferred payments, accrued interest, late selling costs, transfer fees, transfer fees, early termination fees or financing costs that occur after the loss. Adjustments to the value of your vehicle based on its condition or unrepaired advances Amounts that may not be included in the CAP waiver declaration. Changes to examples of exclusion from contract may include differences in vehicle evaluation. 3GAP generally waives or pays the loss balance (deducted from certain fees and fees) between the amount owed for your financing or leasing contract and your auto insurance bill at the time of the total loss. The GAP plan uses the Formula of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) to evaluate your vehicle. This assessment is used to calculate the amount of the CAP waiver. Because your insurance company may use a calculation other than the CAP plan to calculate the value of the vehicle, the calculation of the insurance company at the time of the loss may differ from the calculation of the CAP plan. Insert a username and password so that you can track your claim and we can stay in touch with you.

Only transferable with the reallocation of the initial financing or lease agreement. The new owner will take over your initial lease. . We need some information about your vehicle, your lender and your insurance.

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